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In order to measure your head circumference you will need a soft measuring tape.  Place the tape along the top of your forehead where you would naturally find your hair line.  Next run the tape all around the sides and back of your head.  It should sit just behind the ears and at the nape of the neck, again just below the hair line.  You can google "how to measure head circumference for a wig' to view photos and videos on how to do this correctly.

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We recommend that you wash your unit every 4 weeks.  If you use makeup, glue or tape you should remove this with every wear and sponge down the lace area to keep clean and avoid build up.  We don't recommend that you wash more frequently than this due to colour fade that naturally occurs with the units. 

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Units will naturally fade just as your own hair colour would.  Most customers don't need a refresh during the life of their wigs, however if this is your only unit, you wear daily and wash more often then recommend then you may need a refresh at some point.  Please get in contact and I can supply you with a quote for this service.

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Once you have tried on your unit and happy with its placement it is now time to remove the lace from your wig.   

Ensure the wig is in place and if needed tighten the straps along the nape to secure it. 

It may help to cut the lace in sections starting from the center of your forehead. 

Take a pair of small scissors and cut in a zigzag pattern working downwards towards the ear.  It is up to the wearer how much lace they would like to leave. 

However I always recommend to start with 1cm and then you can always cut more. 

Its also important to leave extra lace if you are planning on using tape to secure. 

Once the front is cut you can now cut around the ears.  Again whilst doing this follow your natural hairline whilst cutting. 

If you need extra help with this please get in touch or there are loads of videos on youtube that can help with showing you how this is done. 

You can also request for your unit to come with the lace pre-cut.

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Our Glue-less units should fit securely without the need to secure down.  Our Frontal units whilst alot of customers are able to wear them glueless I do recommend using a little tape in order to help secure down.  You can cut the tape into smaller sections and place along the forehead and the temple and ear area you then stick the lace area to the tape.  Again its best if you watch video's on how this is done to get a better idea before trying this method.  

For our Premium Range we use a Brazilian hair, very similar in texture to European hair it is a light fluffy hair that air dies with  slight wave and holds a curl well.   

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You will receieve full aftercare instructions with your purchse along with a product list.  You can also find informton on the "WIg Aftercare' section of our website.

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This has always been a dream of mine, but at present I don't have the set up and spare time.  I am happy to offer offer the phone consultations.  This will hopefully be something I can offer in the near future.

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For our ready made units the full payment must be made before we can ship the item out.  For all custom orders we just require a £100 depsoit and then once your wig is finished we will request the balance before shipping.  We accept all major card payments, bank transfer and Paypal.

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unfortunately we dont currently offer finance on our wigs.  However if you choose to have a custom unit made  you can pay off the balance over 8 weeks.

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All our ready made units are shipped within 1-3 days, our custom units are 4-6 weeks and upto 10 weeks during busier times.  If you need your unit sooner please get in touch and we can see what we can do for you. 

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Yes you can, custom units can be designed however you like.  we can also make changes to 'ready to ship' pieces however this ill result in them being final sale, so please take this into consideration before requesting change.  to request any changes to be made please just email us after you have placed the order and let us know of any changes you would like.

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all of our units come with realistic hairline and hd lace.  the hairline is pre-plucked to give the most natural finish.  the majority of our units start off blonde so the knots will be invisible.  With our darker units the knots are lightly bleached.

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